$CoF Token Information

General Information

  • Our vision is to provide a future token that interacts with the blockchain. This allows players to monetize their time inside Crystals of Fate.

  • $CoF token is the premium currency and the essence of Crystals of Fate. Players will be able to earn $CoF through the game via performance-based gameplay, tournaments, events and more.


Our $CoF token can be used for everything in Crystals of Fate such as:

  • Purchase Card Packs

  • Purchase Heroes

  • Purchase Hero Limited Edition Skins

  • Purchase Avatars

  • Purchase Emotes

  • Purchase Pets

  • Purchase Pet Limited Edition Skins

  • Upgrading Pets

  • Evolving Pets

  • Purchase Card Backs

  • Unlock Content

  • Upgrading of Cards

  • Evolution of Cards

  • Purchasing Land

  • Upgrading Land

  • Evolution of Land

  • Renting

  • Staking

  • Betting / Wagering in events

  • Converting Non-NFT assets Into NFT versions.

  • Guild Upgrades

  • Guild Evolution / Level Up

  • Tournament Buy-In

  • Challenges Buy-In

  • Events


  • As referenced here( Vision & Interoperability) players will be able to utilize NFTs bought through $CoF token for any existing games within Skymarch Entertainment's ecosystem and future titles.


  • Future coins will not be available at the founderโ€™s genesis sale, details and further, information will be announced in the future.

  • In development, subject to change, details and further information will be announced in the future.

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