Last Updated - Feb 26, 2023.

General Information

  • All staking will be in the form of $CoF tokens in order to participate.

  • Staking allows players who wish to utilize their $CoF tokens, in order to produce a small return yield.

How Much Can I Stake?

  • The maximum amount a player can wager per event will be announced in the future.

  • A nominal administration fee will be applied for processing.

Changing My Mind After Tokens Have Been Staked

  • If a player desires to withdraw their staked tokens early players will be prompted with a penalty applied to the original staking amount return yield.

Duration Of Staking

  • The duration of staking will be based upon a set period of time. (I.E 7 days, 30 days etc)


  • All payouts will be distributed within a set period of time.

  • Staking rewards will be distributed to all users that qualify. These rewards will be distributed from the Staking Rewards Pool, which consists of $CoF tokens funnelled in from acquisition actions made in the CoF marketplace and within the game.


  • All players are responsible for their own interactions revolving around the staking system. Please see our Disclaimer for more information.


  • In development, subject to change, details and further information will be announced in the future.

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