General Information

Character Information

Race: Human Age: 24 Gender: Female Height: 5'4 / 162.56cm Weight: 130 lbs / 63kg (Slender / Flexible / Agile) Eyes: Light Blue Hair Color: Brown / Red Highlights Class: Assassin Weapon: Shadowblades (2x 1H Daggers)

Additional Character Information

  • Grew up in Vigilant Point, and at a young age she was one of the finest in her class as a deadly assassin. She rose amongst the ranks and after many successful missions, she was rewarded by being assigned to Emperor Davarok himself.

  • Her mother & father lived in Vigilant Point but moved to Vanth (Ashmyst Falls) after she was transferred to Mordania.

  • Rogue-like type of character, born in the shadows and trained as an assassin.

  • Very strong personality

  • Likes to make fun of others

  • Temper / mean streak.

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