Reaper's Glade

Zone 3 - Reaper's Glade

Points of Interest

  • The Great Tree

  • Dare City

  • Reaper Tower

  • Ancient Tunnels

  • Sanctuary of The Dead


  • This area was given its name - Reaperโ€™s Glade, due to its unique physical formation features, in the middle of the zone are two scythe-like terrain geographical formations.

  • Once thought to be the most beautiful of areas within Abnolis, the last remaining part of its beauty is retained in the Violet Woods, and The Great Tree.

  • This is one of the areas within Abnolis where sprites exist, they used to populate most of the land but have disappeared slowly over the course of time.

  • Bellina - The Sprite Queen is the ruler of the sprites, she has great celestial powers, and it is said that she has lived within the Great tree for over 100 years.

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