General Information

Character Information

Race: Human Age: 35 Gender: Female Height: 5โ€™8 / 172.7cm Weight: 135 lbs / 61.2kg (Curvy / Sexy Appeal) Eyes: Green Hair Color: Black with slight purple highlights Class: Necromancer

Additional Character Information

  • Slender / Curvy Build

  • Born and raised in Skymarch, when she was younger.

  • Seductive by nature

  • After the blood moon bay war, she travelled to Khragmor, Viโ€™Phorra had always been known to collect beautiful precious materials so she made the trip to Khragmor in search of her next chapter in life.

  • She met a being named Kor'Thanis before she got to Khragmor.

  • Given powers by Korโ€™Thanis.

  • Able to transform/manifest into any humanoid being she has met, and also can take control/manipulate humans to do her bidding.

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