General Information

Character Information

Race: Umโ€™Bari (Lion) Age: 50+ Gender: Male Height: 6โ€™8 / 2.03m Weight: 380 lbs / 172.4kg (Extremely Powerful) Eyes: Light Blue Hair Skin / Color: White / with black markings on the face Class: Guardian Weapon: Sunfire Spear (1H Spear)

Additional Character Information

  • Guardian of the Umโ€™Bari

  • Male, Age 50+, White Mane, Strong Physique

  • Has a wife with a son on the way

  • Honourable, Leads by example

  • Does not practice magic

  • Lives in mountainous regions of Fire Ridge Crater

  • Primary Nemesis is mountain giants and the yeti.

  • Son to the fallen hero who helped save the world

  • Compassionate and level-headed, very protective of his people in decision making

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