The Daunting Narrows

Zone 2 - The Daunting Narrows

Points of Interest

  • Haunted Ruins

  • Dreadfang Cavern Hideout

  • Ancient Crypts

  • Vigilant Point

  • Bramblewood Maze


  • The Daunting Narrows sits below the Capital - Mordania, it was named as such because of the land formation and its strategic position.

  • Vigilant Point is the capital city of the region, sitting between 2 mountain areas it was built specifically so that it functioned as a scouting area so that the Forgotten could see any oncoming enemies approaching.

  • The great fallen warriors of the forgotten are buried in the ancient crypts, and the rest of the forgotten people are given grave sites in the upper northern section of the area, now called the Haunted Ruins.

  • When the forgotten people first traversed the lands as they were making their way up towards what is now Mordania, they had to venture through the Bramblewood Maze, many paths are within the maze but only one leads out to the exit. Rumours have it that a large beast has made its home within the maze.

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