General Information

Character Information

Race: Human Age: 12 Gender: Male Height: 4โ€™5 / 137 cm Weight: 88 lbs / 39.9kg Eyes: Blue Hair: Blue Hair - Light/Dark Shades Class: Mage Weapon: Trickwind Staff (1/2H Staff)

Additional Character Information

  • Does not like when people make fun of his height (heโ€™s smaller)

  • Very weary of trusting people or getting close to them.

  • Has a trickster / mischievous side to him, and Hexx enables this side of him - both get into trouble a lot

  • Beyond his years in advanced elemental summoning magic - wind/earth

  • Canโ€™t remember his parents (Amnesia) a traumatic incident occurred leaving him forgetful of the event

  • His parents teleported him with their last remaining strength after monsters invaded their city, parents were killed protecting him.

  • Originally from Yaldren City

  • Hexx found Jester alone inside a cavern days after the teleporting incident and has looked out for him ever since.

  • Taken in by Davarok and recruited to the mage academy

  • Jester & Hexx like to mess with Lilly all the time

  • Looks up to Corvax, and thinks he's cool - big brother type of relationship

  • Corvax knows what it's like to lose his parents so he mentors Jester in his free time but plays it off like Jester is bugging him

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