The Battle For Abnolis

The World is on the brink of destruction, and a powerful divine race, the “Etheralites” fight for supremacy over the world of Abnolis. The leader of the Etheralites known as Obzalix battles against his former general, now enemy - Kor’Thanis. Obzalix advocated for the preservation of life while Kor’Thanis wished for even greater power, this disagreement led to what has now been called “The Eternal War.” In a battle of good versus evil, the last remaining Etheralite Elders defended and sacrificed their power to seal away Kor’Thanis, dismantling the enemy army and ending the war.

With Abnolis now on the brink of destruction due to the war, Obzalix used Va’Xinos “The Hammer of Creation.” Va’Xinos has been the most treasured sacred relic the Etheralites have had for thousands of years. Using Va’Xinos, and sacrificing his power, Obzalix created powerful elemental crystals to restore elemental balance to Abnolis, now called “The Crystals of Fate.”The Crystals of Fate awakened, summoning eight god-like elemental dragon guardians. Each dragon guardian is tasked with protecting these sacred artifacts.

A Kingdom Divided

250 years later, war and rebellion have spread among the human race; King Aldrin has decided his oldest son Davarok is not worthy of being his successor but instead chose his youngest son Aros. With the kingdom of Skymarch in peril over the crown, Prince Davarok decided to confront his father and take the throne by force. Three years later the main armies clashed, and King Aldrin defeated his son in battle at the “Battle of Blood Moon Bay.” Celleste the older sister to Davarok and Aros rises with the remaining Skymarch army and repels the oncoming assault to thwart Davarok’s plan to secure the throne.

Celleste unable to kill her brother, instead banished Davarok and his army via one of the warp gate portals, leading them to the unknown western continent, she then sealed the portal ensuring that no one could ever use it again.


After being banished to the western continent, Davarok and his followers made their way south, through what is now known as “The Piercing Sands.” The harsh climate, drylands, and dangerous creatures threatened their survival, so in an attempt to find shelter, Davarok led his people deep into the northern mountains. When Davarok and his people finally made it to the destination they found a horde of monsters within a deep dark castle. They battled the creatures who had taken hold of the castle and decided they would take ownership of these lands and rebuild.

An Emerging Darkness

20 years have since passed, and Davarok sits comfortably on his throne in the kingdom of Mordania as the leader of the “Forgotten.” The time for revenge is near, but the world has become a much darker place, creatures have become increasingly aggressive and have become mutated, and the world has become enshrouded by darkness and overtaken by chaos. The world has once again become consumed by an emerging threat of darkness, who or what is the cause of this disturbance and how will each kingdom deal with one another? The Crystals of Fate now hang in the balance.

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