General Information

Character Information

Race: Human Age: 46 Gender: Male Height: 6’3’ / 192.02 cm Weight: 225 lbs / 102.05 kg (Very strong, Bodybuilder Body Type) Eyes: Black Hair: Black Hair Class: Warrior Weapon: Dragonrage Runeblade (2H Sword)

Additional Character Information

  • Resembles his father - Aldrin

  • Leader of the Forgotten Army

  • Son of his deceased mother & father Queen Lumenia, King Aldrin

  • Older brother to Aros and his sister Celleste

  • Nephew to Elliphoris & Burrandis

  • Grew up with Glavus, and became best of friends.

  • Originally Prince of SkyMarch was set to be the next King of SkyMarch until his father announced Aros would be the next King. This changed him to be confused, angry and hateful.

  • Defeated his father in battle (Lord Aldrin) at the Battle of Blood Bay.

  • Banished by his sister Celleste from SkyMarch after a failed attempt to secure the city.

  • Ventured to the Western Continent of Abnolis, made landfall with his people at Ashmyst Falls and traversed the lands eventually leading to the northern mountains where he established Mordania.

  • Hot-Headed seizes opportunities to fight, calculated, tricky, mischievous

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