Zone 1 - Mordania

Points of Interest

  • Plague Forest

  • Mordania Cliffs

  • Mordania Kingdom

  • Abandoned Mine

  • Mordania Gates


  • Located on the Western Continent of Abnolis.

  • Was unexplored until Davarok and his people located it and called it their own.

  • Most of the region is covered by a purple dense mist called โ€œDark Mistโ€ covering the land like a blanket. The effects of the Dark Mist are known to cause aggression & mutation among the creatures of the land.

  • Most of the creatures in this region have been mutated into what are now called โ€œPlague monstersโ€

  • Mordania City was originally inhabited by monsters, Davarok and his people claimed the abandoned castle and built it, into what it is today.

  • As the Mordanian settlers began to expand their empire they went in search of rock material & Iron Ore material to build up weaponry and equipment. They found a deep cave in the northern region of the region which was filled with the โ€œDark Mistโ€ in excavating they found a dangerous beast which breathed the same โ€œDark Mistโ€ which they called a โ€œPlague Dragonโ€.

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