General Information

Character Information

Race: Human Age: 37 Gender: Female Height: 5โ€™6โ€™ / 170.68 cm Weight: 130 lbs / 58.96 kg (Slender) Eyes: Blue Hair: Platinum Blonde Class: Guardian Weapon: Sacred Vow (1H Sword)

Additional Character Information

  • Resembles her mother, Lumenia

  • Was Princess of Skymarch - Then Queen of all surrounding regions in the northern continents of Abnolis for 3 years.

  • Daughter of parents, Aldrin & Lumenia

  • Sister to brothers, Davarok & Aros

  • Niece to Elliphoris & Burrandis

  • Rose up and defended the city after watching her father (Lord Aldrin) die at the Battle of Blood Moon Bay, and repelled the attack of her brother Davarok. She couldnโ€™t find it in herself to kill her own brother so instead banished Davarok & his forces to unchartered lands.

  • Takes after her father in battle, sword & shield protecting those who are unable to protect themselves.

  • Overwhelmed & indecisive about the responsibility of the kingdom, she relied on the council of others to help make decisions.

  • Establishes & leads the Knights of Aurora - (after her uncle & auntโ€™s Kingdom) to protect her younger brother Aros, who became King of SkyMarch 3 years after banishing Davarok.

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