Crafting System

General Information

  • Crafting offers players self-sufficiency by saving up duplicates or unwanted cards in order to craft new cards not yet found or to upgrade or evolve their NFT assets to allow for further progression.
  • Players can spend time levelling up and unlocking additional levels of crafting skills through creation.
  • All raw materials utilized for crafting are found while dismantling cards.
  • Players can craft cards, pets, heroes, emotes, and more of varying rarity as they collect materials throughout the game.

Card Creation

Advanced Card Information Interface Menu
  • Players can create specific cards even if they don't already own the card in their inventory utilizing Soul Dust.
  • Once a card has been created it will become soul bound to the player's account and then be converted to an NFT version with $CoF tokens.

Card Dismantling

  • Dismantling cards allows the player to have the flexibility to exchange cards they may not need or want or perhaps have multiples of in exchange for Soul Dust.
  • Soul Dust is the resource created by the dismantling of a card.
  • The amount of Soul Dust a player receives is based upon the level of rarity of the corresponding card dismantled.

Card Dismantling Exchange Rate Table

Card Rarity
Soul Dust Amount

Card Evolution

2D -> 3D Evolution
  • Players can evolve their cards using $CoF Token, and Soul Dust to transform them from 2D illustration cards into 3D models that fight on the battlefield.


  • All systems may not be available all at once, details and further announcements will come in the future.
  • Values may be adjusted for game balance purposes before the game launch.