General Information

Tournaments offer players the thrill of doing battle against other top players in the world.

  • Tournaments will offer individual and group-based entry levels.

  • Competitive play will require entrants to purchase an entry ticket which will require in-game resources/tokens.

  • Tournaments will have specific level brackets and only those players which meet the required level may enter.

  • After a tournament bracket has been filled with enough players, the tournament will randomly select player seeds and match players up accordingly.

  • Competitors will be able to target one another after the competition has commenced, and can deal damage to one another.

  • A player wins when the opposing enemy's health reaches 0.


  • The colosseum will offer prospectors a chance to bet on tournament matches and will offer specific odds.


  • Rewards will scale based on the level bracket of players involved and be distributed accordingly.

  • Some unique items will be awarded through competitive play which will have extremely limited quantities.

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