Guild Tokens

General Information

  • Players will be able to Buy, Sell and Trade for Guild token NFTs in the marketplace.

  • Basic guilds can be purchased within the game utilizing in-game resources.

  • Rare and up guild tokens are only available via the marketplace.

  • Guild Token NFTs have extremely limited quantities available and will offer expanded slots for more members to join, plus give a percentage of all guild member-crafted materials sold to the owner of the guild token.

Guild Token Utility

  • Creation of Guild

  • Player Expansion

  • Unique Guild NFTs

  • Unique Guild Logo

  • Guild Logo Advertising/Exposure In-Game / Battlegrounds (Colleseum)

  • Passive in-game resource generation benefits

  • Unique Rewards

  • Guild versus Guild Content (PvE/PvP)

  • Reduced Crafting Costs

Guild Token NFT Allocation:

Crystals of Fate will consist of limited edition quantities for specific rarities of guild token NFTs rare and above. These guild tokens are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens and can be freely traded by players.

Guild Level Evolution

  • Guilds can be evolved utilizing $CoF tokens to level up and gain experience.

  • Evolving to a higher rarity burns the combined lesser heroes required to evolve to the next evolution level.

Guild Token Evolution Table

Guild Tokens Used

  • Guild Tokens used to level the guild up will be funnelled back into the esports/tournaments and play & earn token rewards yield.


  • Guild Tokens may not be available at Genesis Sale – details will be announced on the sale once available.

  • In development, subject to change, details and further information will be announced in the future.

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