Genesis Founder Token - Mythic Edition (Davarok - Warrior)

Mythic Edition - Dark Emperor Davarok

Genesis Sale - Total Available: 250

Regular Price - $389.99 Whitelist Genesis Sale NFT Holder Price: $311.99- Save 20% OFF ($78.00)


  • Crystals of Fate (CoF) Founder's Token. (NFT)

  • Mythic Warrior Hero - Davarok (Unlocked) (NFT)

  • Dragonrage Runeblade (Weapon) (NFT)

  • Limited Edition Hero Skin (Mythic) - Dark Emperor Davarok (NFT):

  • Dark Emperor Runeblade (Weapon) (NFT)

  • Dark Emperor Davarok (Mythic Hero Skin) - Unique Voice-Over Set

  • Dark Emperor Davarok (Mythic Hero Skin) - Unique Animations Set

  • Limited Edition - Nightmare (Mythic Pet Skin) (NFT):

  • Nightmare (Mythic Pet Skin) - Unique Animations Set

  • Nightmare (Mythic Pet Skin) - Unique Voice-Over Set

  • Limited Edition - Davarok Emote Package (Pack of 8) (NFT)

  • Limited Edition Mythic Avatars - Davarok + Dark Emperor Davarok + Nightmare (NFTs)

  • 5x Genesis Rare Card Packs (With Increased Rarity Chance) (NFT)

  • 2x Genesis Epic Card Packs (With Increased Rarity Chance) (NFT)

  • 1x Genesis Legendary Card Pack (With Increased Rarity Chance) (NFT)

Founderโ€™s Token Passive Utility:

  • Provides a monthly amount of 300 gold.

  • Provides a monthly free entry to a tournament at no cost. ($4.99 fee per entry)

  • Limited Edition - Founder's Player Profile Avatar (NFT)

  • Limited Edition - Unique Color In-Game Player Username

  • Limited Edition - Card Skin Variants (NFT) (Free To Founder's Token Holders Only) (Airdropped)

  • Access to purchase limited edition unique NFTs and cosmetics before they go public.

  • Unlocked access to the founder's VIP discord channel.

  • Whitelist for future $CoF token private sale.

  • Whitelist for future Guild Token sales.

  • Whitelist for future Land sale.

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