What Makes Us Different?

Fast-Paced Simulatenous Combat

Next-Generation Battle System

  • Fixes Core Gameplay Balancing - Simultaneous Combat Ensures Both Players Play At The Same Time
  • Fixes Player Disengagement - No More Waiting For Your Opponent To Make Their Move!
  • Advanced Strategy & Critical Thinking - Players Must Choose Who, What, When, Where, and Why
  • Multi-Lane Battlefield - Five Lanes To Attack & Defend Comments: Crystals of Fate (CoF) brings forth the next generation of simultaneous active combat battle systems where both players are playing in real-time at the same time. Our next-generation combat system addresses one of the most common problems that most mainstream card games face - game balance. Generally speaking, the player acting first has an advantage over the secondary player if they have the right cards and the secondary player often has to play "catch-up" with hopes that the first player makes a mistake or doesn't get the cards they need.

Free To Play & Play & Earn

  • No Barrier To Entry - Players Can Freely Play Without Any Purchases
  • Fixes Game Economy Sustainability - Performance-Based Rewards & Earnings
  • Non-Pay-To-Win - Card Skill Designs & Metagameplay Push Players To Do Decision-Making Thinking Comments: In order to be an actual esports-based collectible card game (CCG), Crystals of Fate (CoF) is free to play with an economic design that allows all players to be rewarded based on performance gameplay. Crystals of Fate has been designed so that it will enable anyone the chance to win, players can have all of the cards unlocked but unless they build their decks and play their cards properly this allows everyone to be on a level playing field.

Guilds & Multiplayer

  • Guild Customization & Content - Players Can Choose Their Own Interactive Entrance Sequence, Logo/Emblem & More
  • 2v2 Cooperative Gameplay - Cooperative Gameplay Challenges Players' Synergy And Communication
  • Guild Versus Guild Gameplay - Mass Multiplayer Cooperative PvE/PvP Objectives Versus Other Guilds
  • Guild Level-Up System - Guilds Can Level Up And Offer Guild Members Unique Rewards & Incentives
  • Guild Reward System - Players Gain Rewards Based On Performance, Activity & Offering Comments: Crystals of Fate offers a multitude of different multiplayer options for players who wish to participate, most collectible card games (CCGs) are individual or solo-based experiences with little to no true gameplay interaction with others. Guilds enable social experiences with others and promote teamwork and synergistic decision making which unlocks new game experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Staking & Gambling

  • Non-Traditional Staking System - Put $CoF Tokens Into Treasury Holding System To Earn A Multiplier
  • Betting System - PvP - Players Can Bet On Other Players & Guilds For Potential Earnings Comments: Players can fully take advantage of the (CoF) staking system by utilizing their $CoF tokens and putting them into a treasury holding system this allows players to earn a passive multiplier on their tokens so they may further save them up to use at a later time. Gambling options are available to players who wish to gamble their $CoF token for high-yield rewards, players will be able to choose from a number of options such as betting on their favourite players or guild to win within specific tournaments or during our monthly/seasonal ranked gameplay system.