Crystal System

General Information

  • Crystals are an extremely rare valuable resource containing highly valuable and sought-after one-of-a-kind items.
  • Crystals can be found from completing higher-level achievements, events and performance-based rankings on the seasonal leaderboards.
  • Crystals contain unique NFT item drops.
  • The quality of loot found within each crystal is dependent on the boss level/encounter.
  • Lower-level bosses will have very low drop potential.
  • Higher-level encounter bosses will have a higher drop potential.

Upgrading & Exchanging Crystals

  • Crystals found within Crystals of Fate can be held and exchanged for higher-level rarities of Crystals from the Crystal Exchange NPC.
  • The rarity of the crystal determines the rarity of items inside each crystal.

Gambling For Higher Rarity Crystal Exchange

  • Players can gamble with their crystals to attempt to exchange for a higher rarity crystal. Each crystal is equivalent to a 10% chance, with 10 crystals giving players a 100% chance.

Crystal Exchange Rate Table

Crystal Rarity
Crystal Exchange Rarity
10x Rare
1x Epic
10x Epic
1x Legendary
10x Legendary
1x Mythic

Potential Loot From Crystals

Item Loot Table Per Rarity Crystal
Percentage %
Total Supply
Card Pack
Rare - Mythic
1 ~ 10000
Cosmetic Item
Rare - Mythic
1 ~ 10000
Hero / Hero Skin
Rare - Mythic
1 ~ 10000
Rare - Mythic
1 ~ 10000


  • Provided above values may be adjusted for game balance.