General Information

Character Information

Race: Vampire / Human Age: 50+ Gender: Male Height: 6โ€™3 / 190.5cm Weight: 195 lbs / 88.5kg (Slender / Fit Physique) Eyes: Red Hair Color: White with Shades of Grey (Long/Wavy) Class: Necromancer Weapon: Dreadmire Scythe (2H Scythe)

Additional Character Information

  • Slender/Fit Physique, long white hair, piercing cold red eyes, Age 50+

  • Born into the ancient โ€œDreadmire clanโ€ - a vampire race, a once prosperous race which isolated themselves in the city of Lochmire - within the Harrowing Marshlands.

  • The Dreadmire clan is cursed/blessed with the powers of necromancy and is able to summon the dead/ghosts and use dark magic to siphon life from the living.

  • Parents went to war with Davarok and were banished with his army, travelled to Mordania

  • Was often mocked/picked on as a young boy because he stood out among his peers much when he was growing up in Mordania in his earlier years.

  • Outcast after losing favour with the nobles of Mordania.

  • Met his wife Korvanna in the Dare Kingdom which was destroyed and abandoned, now called the Sanctuary of the Dead.

  • Korvanna accepted Valanar as he was and they lived happily, they were due to have a baby however war came upon them and his wife - Korvanna lost the baby. (Dark Kingdom Invasion)

  • Korvanna was overwhelmed with grief and depression leading her to become bitter and twisted towards the world and began seeking out methods to seek power to take revenge on those responsible for her loss.

  • His wife was confronted by Korโ€™Thanis and empowered, transformed into a powerful Shadow priest capable of controlling ghosts and apparitions to do her bidding.

  • His sole purpose is to find his wife and save her from herself and take revenge on Korthanis.

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