General Information

Character Information

Race: Human Age: 24 Gender: Male Height: 6โ€™0โ€™ / 182.88 cm Weight: 195 lbs / 88.4 kg (Physically Fit / Sculpted Build) Eyes: Brown-Hazel Hair: Dark Brown Class: Warrior Weapon: Bladefire Edge (2H Sword)

Additional Character Information

  • Both parents died in the Battle of Blood Moon Bay, Glavus has cared for him since.

  • Heard tales of his fatherโ€™s heroics in the war of Skymarch, and grew up wanting to serve Davarok as his father did.

  • Raised by Glavus

  • Secretly blames Davarok for both of his parent's death and is resentful.

  • Is standoffish and takes great pride in his swordsmanship and being an elite warrior, is sort of a loner - always mastering his skills and training.

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