Last Updated - March 26, 2023.

Cinematic Introductions

Within the world of Crystals of Fate (CoF), players will embark through the story and discover several different landmarks.

Each battleground has its own distinct story-telling cinematic to captivate players, each cinematic scene can be skipped by clicking on the "SKIP" button should players wish to proceed to the card selection scene.

Battleground Interactions

As players progress through the story campaign new battlegrounds will become unlocked for players to enjoy. After game combat has started several interactions will be possible such as indirect and direct interactions.

Direct Player Interactions

  • Wildlife (Example - Butterfly flying away after it is clicked/tapped on)

  • Buildings (Example - Burning building collapsing after it is clicked/tapped on)

  • Ground Textures (Example - Rocks crumbling or floor breaking after it is clicked/tapped on)

Indirect Player Interactions

  • Weather Systems (Example - Sandstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes passing through)

  • Big Damage Hits (Example - When a player successfully damages another player for (6) or more damage, the environment will react accordingly (Example - Environment breaking, screen shaking)

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