CoF Whitepaper

Game Overview

Last Updated - March 26, 2023.
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Key Points

  • Create and build decks with your favourite heroes from each class, each with its own unique playstyle and strategic advantages.
  • Face off in simultaneous nail-biting game combat, full of opportunities to outplay your opponents.
  • Play to earn cards and other potentially valuable NFTs through the many different game modes.

Key Differences Versus Leading CCGs

  • Players fight simultaneously, in an active time-based battle system which then simulates battle after a period of time.
  • Players gain mana continuously every few seconds.
  • Players draw additional cards every 10-15 seconds, promoting fast gameplay.
  • Multi-lane tactical battle positions introduce unlimited strategic gameplay with when / how / where players position and play their minions.
  • "Synergy" based card skills interact with other cards, and utilize tactical-based positions on battleground maps.